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Social Security Analysis

Social Security Analysis

Choosing the right benefits at the right time is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make.
Claiming your benefits may sound easy. So is making a $100,000.00 mistake.

There are hundreds of ways to claim Social Security. Do you know which strategy will maximize the lifetime benefits for you and your spouse?

We can help with that.

Call Dennis Pellegrini at (610) 898-1241 to receive an analysis that can help you navigate through your decision on claiming your social security benefits and how it fits with your retirement assets and help you live the life you dreamed of. You can also send an email to

Social Security Case Study

Mr. & Mrs. Smith present us with the following facts:
Husband, 62 and wife, 64 have both stopped working full-time and have come to me for advice. Mr. Smith continues to work part-time playing in a band making $1,200.00 per month and intends to play “until his last breath”.

Wife no longer works. At the meeting, the Smith’s advise me that they plan to start taking Social Security benefits immediately, have a monthly income goal of $5,500.00 and would like to fund that with as much guaranteed income as possible.

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